Hi everyone,

I initiate this review to talk about the Turnigy TGY-i10. Here I will try to demonstrate the strengths and weakness points.
In terms of features this transmitter is on the same level of the best (JR, Frsky, Futaba), 10-channel control, with receiver also 10 PWM channels (IA10) which contains a module that can be connected to the receiver and add 4 more channels, also can be connected sensors for telemetry (Voltage , temperature and RPM), it has 2 switch 3 position, 5 switch 2 positions, 1 momentary switch, 5 potentiometers in which 3 are placed on the top front and one on each side, screen 3.5″color touchscreen, battery 1s 1700mAh and SD card reader to store the templates configured on transmitter. There is also the possibility of using the Turnigy / Flysky ia6b receiver, which contains 6 PWM channels, compared to IA10 adds i-Bus communication protocol to connect to the flight controllers.
Technically a very attractive radio, will in fact correspond to the expectations? Let’s see.

During unbox, the first impression was of a very good packaging, oversized and hard enough card box. Inside I found the transmitter very well protected with “foam” cut in the shape of the transmitter. Over the radio we have the instruction manual in Chinese and English, a bag with all modules/sensors for telemetry and the expansion channels. The box also contains a 10-channel receiver, a battery, a USB micro cable to USB and a cable with Jack stereo plugs to connect the Trainer door.


Enough to mention the accessories, let’s go to the radio itself.

By taking the radio I felt a comfort that I didn’t feel in my old Flysky TH9X may be due to its thickness so low, you feel immediately the side rubber providing even more comfort. To turn the radio on is needed to press simultaneously two buttons, at the moment I heard the sound of a hunting jetfight passing through (relevant? No, but it’s funny). The screen sensitivity is not as current smartphones, this is a resistive screen which introduces robustness, but decreases sensitivity. By default the backlight is set to 50% this seams to be enough even on sunny days. The menu for configurations founded on this transmitter seams to be very simple and versatile, currently there are no tutorials on YouTube explaining how to set, for example a multirotor with Naza controller, which makes the configuration work hard enough. However I could set everything in about 2 hours. Something very interesting on this radio we have on each page a button to access the digital instruction manual, which greatly facilitates learning. This radio has no ability to change the transmitter module, forcing us to use the existing one.


The tests on field, I already flew my Quadcopter 450, my racer and my airplane and everything went very well, I used telemetry for voltage monitoring and found to be very accurate, maximum distance of about 1km without any signal loss. What I liked most and I was very surprised were the sticks, have an extremely smooth and precise movement, due to the gimbals bearings. I am very happy with this radio. Of course there are also some cons, such as the USB port is very fragile many users already damaged when removing the USB cable. This port allows the firmware to be updated, can be connected for the simulators also we can recharge the battery through this port.

This radio transmitter is for sale on the HobbyKing website where you can also find the latest firmware v1.0.8

Turnigy i10 HobbyKing Link