Hello Guys,

Here we are to one more review, like you can see on the title this review will show you and give you a close look at the new ESC from ZTW company the Flash 30A.


This ESC came in the usual bags that all ZTW ESC came in. On the inside you have obviously the ESC and a manual with some pictures of the BLHELI Suite, there you can check what are the factory configs that came on the ESC.

Flash 30A is capable to deal with 2S to 4S lipo battery, and can delivery 30A continuous with 40A burst. It has not the electrolytic capacitor on the input voltage side, to clean voltage peaks but could not be a major problem.

The Flash came with the new BLHELI_S firmware flashed, this is an improvement of the BLHELI so obviously is based on the BLHELI code. This firmware is claimed to be very very responsive to the throttle that makes the flight much smoother than the pass. It’s compatible with PWM input signal, Oneshot125, oneshot42 and Multishot, the user don’t have the concern to choose between this option because the ESC do that for us, so when users config the comunication on the Flight Controller side the AutoDetect by the input signal. another improvement is the noise came out of motors, with this firmware the synchronism should be so good that reduce the noise of the motors.


This ESCs came with the Silabs BB21F16 MCU a fast processor wich means a faster clock task, this improves the ESC performance.

The PCB of this ESCs only as 31mm height, 17mm width and 1mm thick, such a potencial in such a small space.

With a closer look to them we can see that the voltage regulator is a ST78M12, on the datasheet of this regulator it says 35V of VMax so he can handle with 6S Lipo.


Pratical Results:

On a setup with ZMR250, EMAX MT2205II, battery 4S and a KISS FC, I have some doubts about it, because I experienced some desynchronization time to time, this could be fixed, I think, with the new update blheli_s 16.2. Later I will test this. The first experience, the first thoughts was very very good the quad fells much smoother than before much more responsive, I’m anxious to test the new firmware version to see if the problem explained before was solved.

This is a really promising ESCs!!

I have to thank Steven for this opportunity to test this awesome and spectacular ESCs.

Official site: ZTW;