Hello everyone,

Today we will talk about the gimbal Feiyu-Tech Mini 3D. This is a 3 axis gimbal with 6 shock absorbers.

On the box we can find first of all the user manual,   then the gimbal and two boxs (A and B) with accessories. On the A box we have the top mounting plate, a bag with shock absorvers and cables to connect on the gimbal. The B box have a USB dongler and one USB cable to connect the gimbal to the PC for firmware update, also on the box we have the fpv cable a miniUSB.

With aluminium chassis this gimbal as a great build quality, but also is very lite for a 3axis gimbal, this only weights 149gr litter than the plastic Tarot T4-3D (178gr). The Feiyu Tech designed this gimbal to fit the GoPro cameras, but also fitted the Gitup Git2 that as the same GoPro dimensions, other action cameras, like Xiaomi Yi, could be fitted buying another adaptor. The motor and sensor cables are all hidden inside the chassis to improve the life time. The working voltage is 7V to 17V, so can handle 2S to 4S, if you have a 6S multirotor you will need a stepdown.

We have 3 control modes on this equipment, the Pitch Mode, Pitch/Yaw Mode or Full Axis Lock Mode.

  • Pitch Mode: Only the pitch axis is controlable, all other axis are locked.
  • Pitch/Yaw Mode: Pitch and yaw are controlable, the roll is locked;
  • Full Axis Lock Mode: We have no controll at all on the gimbal the 3 axis are locked.

To controll everything on this gimbal we need 3 channels available on our remote control, one for stabilization modes, one for Pitch control and another for the yaw axis. On the PBD we have all this cables available and one more for the FPV video signal.

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On flight we saw that the shock absorvers should be harder they are very smooth in flight we can watch some vibrations. For a perfect stabilization this should be upgraded to a harder rubbers.

Here you can watch a demonstration flight recorded by a Git2 FT-Mini3D