Hi everyone,

Today we will talk about the KISS Flight Controller, made by Flyduino, this is one of the bests flight controllers at the moment. Most of the great pilots use KISS FC because of the simplicity, the smoothness that is provided by the great algorithm maded sepecific for this controller.

FC processor STM32F303

The KISS FC is based on 32bit STM32 F3 processor with MPU6050 moving sensor, can handle at 6S battery cells, it has a built in voltage regulator for 5V with 500mA current with reverse polarity protection, it can support up to 6 motors. On communication side we can use PWM, PPM, S-Bus and Satellite receivers. One of the greatest features on this FC it supports ESC telemetry, at the moment only KISS ESC 24A allow this feature, with this we can know the voltage, the current and the temperature on each ESC. This is a simple board, no baro and no mag ideal for race quads.

It only weights 4,6gr and the hole distances is 30mm x 30mm. Which means that fits on the standard frame mounts. The idea for this board is to keep it super simple (KISS), thats why we only have the basic sensors on this board thats why the schematic of this is so simple so organized. Currently KISS FC use its own firmware, not cleanflight or betaflight. The firmware developed for this FC suffered many upgrades which means we constantly have improvements. To configure the firmware we only have three tabs on the GUI with simple things to configure, PID, TPA, Auxiliar channels and communication protocols for receiver and ESC’s.

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This is a great board for user with some experience that want a fine tunning PID, but for other side beginners will learn so much with this board during the configuration process with a really simple and clean GUI. For the price this is a very good flight controller with so much potential.

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