Hi fellows,

Today I have a new review for you, I’ll talk about the new Xoar Props for DJI motors like 2312E brushless motor, the same used on Phantom 3 and kit E305. This props are 9.5 inches long and 6 degrees pitch, made with the best beechwood from the enterprise Pollmeier in Germany. This piece of art came painted in white showing it beautiful shape.

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The Xoar props are shaped with a CNC machine at first and then the finishing is hand made to reach a perfect balance and a perfect shape. This company claims a perfect combination on pairs with the same pitch and weight to turn the multirotors more stable and more accurate. The beechwood makes the prop more stiff than the plastic ones and this propellers in particular have more surface than the originals found on the Phantom 3 which means more thrust on the same rotation. This features brings more speed and more stability on flight with less shake, improving the image stability for better pictures and videos.

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This model in particullar fits the DJI motors because they have a bore diameter of 7.7mm more than the normal props on market. The PJP-N-PH3 weighs 11gr and they came with one washer and one nut in total weighs 14gr per prop. This is a really piece of art and the feeling on hand is much much better than the plastic or even carbon fiber props. My quadcopter will use this props in every flight I just love them.


Link for this props: Xoar PJP-N-PH3