Hello Guys,

I’m here today to show you the brand new ZTW Flash 20A ESC with BLHeli_S firmware. After ZTW company launched the 30A Flash they decided to give us the 20A version a smaller version comparing with the 30A, but with the same focus, to give the power needed each moment of the flight.

Comparing with the first version the Flash 30A, this ESCs are a bit smaller and the electric schematic a bit different to arrange everything every component in such a small space. So the 20A version are 4mm height and width smaller than the 30A, maintaining the same 1mm PCB thick. This have the same voltage regulator found on first version that means 2S-4S capable on specs presented by ZTW but the datasheet claims 35V Max which means 6S lipo. This ESCs are capable to delivery 30A of burst current during 10s. Now this ESCs came with no motor wire, the lable and the shrink tube came apart, this is really good for a clean and much easier build.

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Like the 30A version this ESC came with Silabs BB21F16 MCU a really fast clock for performance improvement. The Flash came with the new BLHELI_S firmware flashed, this is an improvement of the BLHELI so obviously is based on the BLHELI code. This firmware is claimed to be very very responsive to the throttle that makes the flight much smoother than the pass. It’s compatible with PWM input signal, Oneshot125, oneshot42 and Multishot, the pilot don’t have the concern to choose between this option because the ESC do that for us, so when pilots config the comunication on the Flight Controller side the ESC AutoDetect by the input signal received. Another improvement is the noise came out of motors, with this firmware the synchronism should be so good that reduce the noise of the motors.

Pratical Results:

When I received this ESCs I was very concerned about the desynchronization manifested on the 30A ZTW version, so at first I connected every ESC to the BLHELI suite and updated the firmware changing for the A-H-20 version, after that I connected them to the Naze32 flight controller and I tested them with a lot of flights without notice any desynchronization, they really worked very well. So after that I change the flight controller to the KISS FC and tested again with much more flights than before and I didn’t felt any desynchronization. At the moment I’m really happy to have them and I now have really confidence on this ZTW ESC because I know that will not fail on flight like the older ones.

I leave you here the link for the ESC tested here: ZTW Flash 20A.

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