Hi guys, I’m back to show you the racer frame DALRC XR215.

This is a 5″ prop capable racer frame from DALRC with 215mm motor to motor, it is all carbon fiber and with a really nice PDB that also include OSD and voltage regulator and alarm, I show you latter what it can do.

So right out of the box this came with a lot of parts to help us build it like we want and with the parts that we decided to build it. On box this came with the carbon plates off course a bag with screws, PDB, caps for motor protection, XT60 conector with cable AWG14, a small PCB with RGB LED, two battery straps, a bag with nylon spacers, two plastic pieces for different camera mounting and all necessary cables.

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The arms are 3mm thick, the up and lower plate are 2mm and the PDB is 1.5mm thick, also has two vertical plate on the sides. All this together made this build very very stiff, a really strong frame that can deal with a lot of stress (hard crashes). On front we have a little piece of carbon to add to the bottom plate, so on front we not have just 2mm of carbon fiber we have nothing less than 4mm. The top plate has two holes for the video transmitter plug one on the front and another in the back, also DALRC added another hole for the XT60 conector.

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Talking about the PDB, they offer a lot of features, voltage regulator for 12V and 5V, voltage alarm, buzzer to connect to the flight controller, VTX and CAM connector both with 12V supply. Another connector for OSD with RX and TX communications. The 4 ESC could be soldered straight on the PDB, we have another connector with voltage supply and 4 signal wire to connect on flight controller. The OSD came flashed with MWOSD and work right out of the box. On PDB the designer added a switch to take the VTX on or off. The mounting holes for flight controller on this frame are the standard dimensions.



Practical Results:

I flew with KISS FC and this frame was obviously developed for cleanflight boards like Naze32, I say this because the motor marking have the cleanflight layout which means 2 and 4 on the front, and the KISS are 1 and 2 on the front. During the build we, pilots, need to have much carefull with this little issue. The OSD can be flashed with the KISS OSD firmware. This frame provides a very clean build because almost everything is built-in on the PDB. I use a HS1177 camera, and this frame provides a lot of adjustments for the camera angle. The space to mount the ESC is very small, I’m with ZTW flash 20A and it was very hard to fit them on that little space.

For me this is one of best frames at the moment very stiff, very well balanced, and provides a very good flight. Great work DALRC.

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Thank you guys for all the views.