Hello everyone,

I’m back with one more review, this time I bring you the brand new motors from LDPOWER the FR2305 2300kv version. This are available in two versions the 2300kv and 2600kv. Just by the pictures we can see a innovative way on motor design to cooling down the motor and came with PCB pad to solder the wires. The stator with 23mm diameter and 5mm high is promessor, forward on this review I’ll show you the thrust test.

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The Unbox:

These motors arrived to me on a fancy card box, showing the LDPOWER logo on top. Once opened I was presented with the 4 motors laid down on a piece of foam, showing its gorgeous blue color. For those who prefer more neutral color also exist this motors in black. Inside the box we also find another small box, wich contains the accessories parts such as wires, screws, nuts with plastic inserts to lock on the motor shaft and a screwdrive for the nuts.

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The Product:

The FR2305 have a beautifull design with active air cooling thanks to it’s blade shape on top, uses the motor motion to cooling down the temperature. Has the standard 5mm outside diameter hollow shaft and 4mm inside that means stronger and lighter shaft, holded by a C-Clip and a washer. The magnets are N52H curved shape very well distanced one each other and allmost no gap between the magnets and stator. LDPOWER give us more than a good looking motor, the stator on this motor is real deal, with 23mm diameter and 5mm high it can produce more torque than the traditional 2205 motors. More torque also needs more current, so manufacturer used 0,5mm section copper wire that can handle a lot of current. This feature a better responsive throttle, but for another side draws more current from the battery so less flight time. They introduced another feature, the PCB solder pad, that for me is a must because the pilots can cut the wire with the ideal lenght and weld on the motor, later if we change the motor to another frame wich needs longer wire we just need to unsolder from the motor and change the wire. On the base of the main shaft we find a hex shape, this is very helpfull when the pilot crashes the quadcopter and the props seems to be stuck, too much tight, with this motors only need to grab the screw drive and attach to the hex shape on the motor and unscrew the nut.

So we have here a solid motor with great features, let’s see if thrust tests follow the quality.


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Thrust Test:



This tests was obtained with ZTW Flash 30A and with Tattu 1300mAh 4S 75C. This values was obtained on full throttle and they are the average of 5 tests on each prop.

So as we can see above this motors draw more current but also deliver more thrust than the average of 2205 motors. With a bigger stator we have more punch, more thrust and less flight time. The question is: are this dimensions the best configuration for flight, I’m sure that when you need torque the motor will give you what you need.

With this motors LDPOWER changed the game on their products, let’s see if they will keep this good work.

Link for the official website: LDPOWER FR2305