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Here we are for the last review of the year. Today we bring to you a brand new motor for our racer quads 🙂 This are the Armattan OOMPH 2206 – 2300KV, that bring a new concept to hold down the props. Armattan a well known brand on frames market, one of the bests building frames, now introduced to the market a brand new motors. Let’s see if they put the brand on the market of the motors.


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The Unbox:

This motors arrived to me on a really modest package, just a paper box with the motor, inside and four screws to hold the motor to the frame and two props mounts.  That’s all we get on the box. Besides when we grab the motor we felt a really good build quality, all aluminum, great magnets and a high section copper wire.

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The Product:

The OOMPH is a piece of quality and innovation. Once we saw them we felt confidence on the motors, they inspire trust. This are all metal, painted on top with orange color, the side is black and the brand logo is graved, the bottom is silver. The bottom is equal to the ZMX Fusion motor, they seems to be built on the same factory. On the top is where the game changes, Armattan came with an brilliant idea to hold the props to the motor, as you can see on the photos, it has a really small shaft compared to any other motors. The shaft is 5mm tall, but instead of the exterior thread it has a interior M3 thread. to fix the prop to the motor we only need to screw down a standard M3 screw with a washer, on the box come two per motor. The inside thread of the shaft is clockwise and counter clockwise depending on the motor, to don’t unscrew and lose a prop during the flight. A very clever and simple way to mount the props, this is also easier to remove. Armattan abandoned the C-clip to held the rotor to the stator, this motor already come with a screw on the bottom, wich turns the maintaining process much more easy.

This motor has a 22mm diameter stator with 6mm tall, giving more torque than the 2205. So more torque will consume more current so the 0,5mm section copper wire is capable to deal with all the current the motor will need. It has a N52H curved shape magnets and almost no gap between the magnets and the stator. By the shape of the motor we don’t see any type of active cooling. This motors are capable of 3S and 4S battery, weights 31gr with wires and are 2300KV, Armattan only made this version, not 1900KV or 2600KV.

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We are at the presence of a rock solid motor with innovation, let’s see the thrust tests.

Thrust Test:


Has you can see through the tests, this is a really efficient motor for a 2206, edging away the other top performing motors. Armattan OOMPH at full throttle reach more than 1200gr with the most popular props on the market. Comparing to the most similar motor on the market the Tornado T2, this Armattan motor has almost the same thrust but draw less current, making into a more efficient motor, the difference between the two on the thrust side is really small but the OOMPH draw much less current.


Armattan delivered us one of the best motors, it’s innovative, it’s beautifull, it’s solid and more important it’s efficient. When we tested on a quad, we felt a really good working sound very quiet. With a high torque we felt confident to risk more stunts. It has a short shaft with less probability to bend, it has a really easy way to mount and unmount the props. They definitely inspire confidence. But during the tests I found two things that I disliked, the screw on the bottom could have a bigger head, it’s hard to find a so small screw tool. The other thing is, the washer could have a different color for CW motor and for the CCW motor.

Overall, we are very happy with this motors, Armattan did a really good job.

I want to thank to Armattan specially Chris, that helped us to do this review.

I leave you here the link for the product page: Armattan OOMPH