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I’m back for the first review of the year. Today I’ll talk about the ESC SEFM 30A 6S from Aikon. This article will show you what you can expect, since the unpack to some results.

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The unbox:

This ESCs came on a very simple anti-static bag. Inside, we have the ESC him self, with a piece of shrink tube, a sticker with the brand logo and model and 3 pieces of wire, if we need to solder between the ESC and the motor. Thats all we got on the bag.


The Product:

Aikon a well known brand on ESC market, released this 6S version, at the end of 2016. Capable of 6S 30A in burst reaches 40A. Doing some research this ESCs are a small piece of technologie, they have a EFM8BB21F16 MCU capable of 48MHz. It has a 78M12 voltage regulator capable of 40V input and also uses MOSFETs IR5300 capable of 30V on input (Drain-to-Source) that can drain 40A continuously at 25ºC. So this ESC, no doubt, can handle with 6S packs and a lot of current.

This ESC come with long silicone input wires (power and signal) pre-soldered and solder pads, to help on cleaner builds, and have the right length wires to the motors. On the firmware side, they come with BLHELI_S C-H-25 firmware in 16.5 version.

They have enough space to cool down, but they aren’t big ESCs. With 28,5mm height, 14,9mm width, 1,5mm thick and weight only 9gr, they are smaller than the ZTW Flash 30A. This means they will fit almost every frame, and delivery high performance to the pilot.

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I builded this ESCs on my DALRC XR215, this frame have a very tiny space for the ESC and they fitted very well. On this build I used the Armattan OOMPH motors and connected them to KISS FC. On KISS configuration GUI I configured the comunication DSHOT600 and the ESC worked very very well. Until now with a several flights, using 4S battery packs, I felt a really smoth control of the motors, never felt any kind of desynchronization.


I’m sincerelly loving this ESCs, they were very easy to install on the quad, the pads to solder the wires from the motor have a really good quallity, like all the rest of the PCB. They work with DSHOT600 right out of the box. They can handle with high currents, so if the motor need the ESC gives.

Was a good surprise this ESCs. I have to say, Aikon you did a hell of a work on this product!

I want to thank to Avijiang, to help me doing this review.

If you have interest on this ESCs I leave you here the link for the official website: Aikon SEFM 30A 6S.

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