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Today I bring you the first review of a FPV camera, to the website. The first one to be tested is the Foxeer Monster 16:9 1200TVL. This is camera is 16:9 like all the new televisions, computers and other screens. It’s a step that was expected, most of the all new screens are at 16:9 format, so the natural process is bring this format to the FPV world. Foxeer a well known brand on FPV world, launched a camera with this image format it’s the Monster HS1194. Let’s see it’s feactures, I’ll take you through the key points of this product, starting from the unbox and ending on pratical tests.


The Unbox:

Foxeer sent there cameras very well packed, this one wasn’t exception. First of all, on the box exist a sticker to scratch, here we found a code to verify if the product is original. With the code we can go to the website and insert it, this also could be done by a QR code presented on the sticker. This method is presented on all new foxeer products. Once I opened the box, I saw the instruction manual and underneath I was presented by a piece of foam, with two cuts with the shape of the camera. One of them has the camera it self fully mounted, and on the other I found one more external case with a different type of mount. Once I take it out, I had the mounting supports (two different types), the wires and a control for the OSD.

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The Product:

Before start talk about the camera I’ll talk about the accessories. The mounts are pretty “standard” found on the new cameras. One to fix by screws to the case and the other one to hook on the lens. The first one is all metal, the second one the mount that hook on the lens is plastic build. This camera brought two different cases, one with two screw hole on each side and the other with just one per side.

The wires that come with are silicone wires, they come all attatched to the 5 pin plug. Counting left-to-right we have two for voltage supply, the other one is for video signal, and the last two wires had a two pin plug, to connect the OSD controller, this is just a extension, very well thought. The OSD controller is just a PCB with five push buttons, the arrows and one enter, this let us navigate easily throuth the OSD menu and perform some correction like “Contrast”, “Brightness” and much more.

Now the camera it self. It’s the model HS1194, a 1200TVL with infrared blocked and capable of PAL or NTSC. This camera come with a 2.5mm lens and without microphone builtin. As you can see on the photo above with this camera you get a really good quality image. This camera with such nice features makes the perfect choice for the pilots with Dominator V3 or other goggles with 16:9 display.


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Well done Foxeer this is a really nice camera.

If you have interest on this camera I leave here the link for the official product page: Monster

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