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Here we are again for another review, and today I’ll show you a great FPV racer frame. Egodrift is the company who design this frame, it’s the BlackPearl 220 Wide-X, with a 220mm motor to motor, this frame places itself on a class desired by the pilots, it’s small, it’s light and it’s robust. On this review I’ll show you in depth the frame, exposing the strong points, but also the points I think could be better.


The Unbox:

This frame arrived to me on a simple plastic bag with the frame bottom and top plates, two carbon pieces to mount the FPV camera, four anodized aluminium blue standoffs and eight M3 screws (beware that they have different lengths I explain latter). Egodrift says this frame has a flexible magic carbon fiber, with this description we know right away that it has something more besides the carbon fiber composite. It also come with battery straps with 30cm long, this straps seems to have a really good quality.

Once we grab it we feel right away that this is a very light, robust frame with a really good quality material.

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The Frame:

Has I told you above, that this frame isn’t just carbon fiber it has something more on it, that gives him some flexibility. The bottom plate is just one piece, so don’t need to screw the arms (creating points of weakness) and to fix the top plate we just need four aluminium standoffs. All of this turns this frame on a very light frame that only weights 62gr, including frame, camera mount, standoffs and screws. The bottom plate is 3mm thick, the top plate is 2mm thick, the camera mount is 1.9mm thick. We also have the standard 5mm standoffs.

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Very good frame, flexible enought to absorve the energie on crashes, very light, very well cutted and no splinters at all. The camera mount is very well thought, capable to fix almost all types of cameras on the market at the moment, also the camera is protected by the standoffs. The holes to screw the motors are very well positioned not to much on the edge of the frame, so I don’t think the arm could break there. The arms are capable to hold big ESCs. This frame handles very well with some stress, I already crashed it very hard several times and it holds very very well.

The bad points on this frame are very few, the first one, the holes that secure the camera mount on top plate are almost on the edge I think it just have 1mm or less, from the hole to the outside of the top plate. Could break here but it’s very difficult because is no a part that suffer much stress. The other thing that could be improved or created (because doesn’t exist) is a antenna (video) mount, one of the holes on the top plate could have the right dimensions to fix an antenna, then the pilot could choose to use or not. Could be also included metal screws to mount the PDB or flight controller.


As I said above, this frame comes with two diferent types of screws, it has four M3x8 and four M3x6, so my tip is, use the longer ones to screw the standoffs to the bottom plate because it’s the thicker plate and the other four M3x6 screws on the top plate. This frame has the capability to put the batery on the top or on the bottom, for that you will need a big straps because you will have to embrace all the quad and the battery, for that I use the 30cm Egodrift straps and I’m very happy with them.

I leave you here the timelapse of my build, hope you enjoy it.

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You can watch here our first flight, it’s a DVR record, but soon we will release a new video.

Hope you like this review, please leave a comment below, let me know your thoughts and your questions.

As always I leave you here the link for the product: Egodrift BlackPearl 220

egowhaaat?? EGODRIFT

Thank you Vincent and Egodrift for the opportunity to test this frame.

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