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Welcome back to our reviews, today I bring you the Gemfan 2306-2200kv, this motors are not brand new, but I think they deserve a review. This motors were built from a great company, very well known in RC world, yes I’m talking about the Gemfan Hobby. I’ll show you how they are packed, I’ll show you the motor and talk about the specifications, as a conclusion I’ll give you my opinion about them. So let’s start.

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The Unbox:

The Gemfan 2306 arrived on a small and paper box, with a really nice printed photo of the motors. Inside I saw a piece of black foam just showing the motor with Gemfan logo, underneath I was presented by the motor and a bag of screws. This motors looks really special, because their nice CNC aluminum. That’s all we get on the box.

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The Product:

As Gemfan has already accustomed us, this motors are very well build, nice CNC aluminum, very well balanced and big enough to deal with big propellers. No doubts that this motors inspire confidence to the pilot. They feature the standard M5 shaft with clockwise and counter clockwise, holded to the bottom with a C-clip. The motors where released a while ago (May 2016), that’s why they don’t have the M5 nut with nylon insert, maybe that’s why they have the C-clip and not the screw to hold the rotor. Only exist one version of this motors, we only can get the 2200kv version not 2300kv or 2500kv. With good magnets and good bearings this motors rotate pretty smooth.

The stator has 23mm diameter and 6mm length, providing really nice torque at low rpm thanks to the 6mm stator and great speed provided by the 23mm diameter. The perfect match for those pilots who need torque and speed. Gemfan advise to use them with 3S or 4S batterys, the copper wire has smaller section against the Armattan oomph or the LDPower FR2305, for other side means more coils in each section, meaning stronger polarization.

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I was very pleased once I’ve opened the box and saw this beautiful motor very well built, no doubts that this is a great motor, and I build them on my favourite quadcopter. After flew them some batteries, I’ve made my personal opinion. First of all during the build I had enough wire length to plug them to the ESCs, I’m pretty sure that they fit in any 250mm frame or lower. At iddle speed they do the best noise I’ve ever heard in any other motor, with such low noise some times we don’t know if they are working or not, associated with the measures of the stator, this motors didn’t disappoint at all. I felt pretty confident to fly with them, delivering the torque I need for freestyle but also delivering me the speed I need for some races. I already crash with them and they didn’t bent at all, working so well that I made them on my daily motors.

Off course they have some flaws or points I didn’t like so much, like the prop holders, I preffer the regular nuts with nylon inserts. Other thing I think that could be improved is the gap between the magnets and the stator, with maybe 1mm of gap. fter a crash I had, the sand got stuck between the magnets and the stator, I had to open the motor to remove some of the dirt to fly again, if it had less gap the sand wouldn’t come in, like other motors. I also think that Gemfan could offer on the box some spare or different length screws and another prop holder.

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I want to thank Gemfan and special to Ke Cai for the opportunity to test this motors.

Down here you have a video recorded on a 220mm frame with this motors, Maverick ESCs and a Acehe 4S lipo.

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