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Welcome back to our reviews, today we bring you the popular tiny whoop EACHINE E010S. Made mostly for indoor flights and some outdoor without wind. Lets find out what it have to be so popular. This drone was sent to us by Banggood https://goo.gl/TYyxgQ.


The unbox and materials:

The quad came in a black and white cardbox printed with the contour and some major specs.

Inside the box it have a black foam to protect from major hazards. That’s not true because this particular model came with the camera out of its place and the camera red power wire desoldered from the flight controller board.

Inside the box came:

  • E010S quad
  • Usb Charger
  • 4 spare propellers
  • 3M double sided tape
  • 3.7V 240mAh 45C battery
  • and a prop removal tool
  • Camera and model manual

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The ducted fan frame type quality of the plastics used on this quad is good, they resist to several crashes without braking. The propellers that pull the quad are four leafs, also very resistant. The frame gives a good protect to the fans, that’s allow the pilot to go against the walls or other objects and continue flying.

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The motors and flight controller:

The motors that came with this model are 59000 rpm with 6x15mm size. This motors allow a nice fligth experience, because they have enough punch and they are very efficient giving a almost 5 minutes flight time.


The F3 EVO Brush Flight Controller came flashed with Cleanflight 1.14.2. gives a stable flight experience with the standard PID. Inside flight is better in angle or horizon assisted modes especially if you have a tight and narrow house divisions. Outdoor you can fly in acro, because with more room you can attempt more radical moves. This controller is the flysky receiver version that you can easily bind with the flysky radios, but i must turn of the AFHDS 2A.


FPV System:

The 5.8Ghz system that allow the user to have FPV experience is composed with a 8ooTVL 1/3 “CMOS camera with a 150º horizontal field of view and a 170º vertical field of view.


The transmitter is 25 mW, with 40 channels, PAL/NTSC selectable with a switch. The mounting is done with a double side tape. The power supply is made with a jst 1.25 plug that allow the replacement or even the use of the camera on other project. The antenna is a cover leaf that should come more protected, because on a upside down crash, is the first to suffer the impact.


After a lot of flights you realize that this model is nice to start in the hobby, or even if you are not starting, but you want to flight during raining days, this model is one of that you can choose.

If your model is flying good with stock configuration, do not upgrade it, i have updated our to betaflight and spent a lot time to tune it again. After some flights not being satisfied decide to install again Cleanflight with the stock settings. Important advice, if you decide to upgrade yours, do a backup or a dump on CLI to save the parameters.

You have to buy more than one battery, because when you are getting used and feeling the taste of fun flight, the battery runs low.

If you want to buy it you can use this link https://goo.gl/TYyxgQ

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