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Here at RC Best Reviews we know that one of the most important products on RC world, are the chargers, any pilot need a charger even if you use nitro or gas motors you need a charger. So, we thought that we are missing, on our reviews, one of the most important products, CHARGERS!!! So, today I’ll present you with our first, and not last, charger review, to start I’ll review the EV-PEAK CQ3. Every pilot have more than one battery, so if we charge at 1C we will need almost a hour just to charge one battery, that’s why the multi port charger are so helpfull. This particular model has 4 independent channels, with 100W per channel. In this topic I’ll show you what comes in the box, the characteristics of the charger and my conclusions. Let’s start this review.


The Unbox:

This charger arrived to me, very well packed inside of a nice box with the key features printed. Inside, we get the instructions manual written in Inglish, the charger came protected by two pieces of foam and we also have a smaller box inside with the necessary cables. The AC power cable provided comes with European plug. EV-PEAK provides all the necessary cables to start charging right out the box, if you don’t wont to connect the charger to AC power supply EV-PEAK also sends the cable to connect to DC power supplys. The manufacturer knows that at the moment most of the pilots are using XT-60 plugs, so they send inside the box 4 cables with XT-60 plugs on one end, and banana plugs on the other to connect on each channel, they also supply 4 extensions with balance plugs, where is possible to connect batteries from 2 cells to 6 cells. So on the unbox side I give a really good quotation to EV-PEAK because this is a good unbox for me.

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The Product:

Now, let’s talk about the charger, about the features, I’ll start talk from the outside to inside. The first impression was “this is huge” in fact it really is and heavy, but for me that’s ok, because it have dedicated power supply inside and 4 independent channels with 100W each. On the left side we have the AC power connect, a voltage selector, could be 220V or 110V for the countries like US, a power switch, and the plugs for each channel, like banana plugs for power, 6S balance plug and temperature sensor port. On the left side we only have the channel 1 and 3. On the right side this charger have two cooling fans one for power supply and the other, smaller, just for controll units, also have the plugs for channel 2 and 4 and a XT-60 DC input that can go from 11V to 18V. On the bottom this charger have 4 rubber feet which helps to reduce vibrations from the cooling fans and introduce some grip to the desk. On the top we have four 16×2 character LCD, below each LCD we have 4 buttons the first one to change the battery type and to stop or go back, along side another to decrement the values, another one to increment and one final button to start.

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Now the inside/features, if you already had the old IMAX B6 you will see that the menu of this charger isn’t different, so it’s very simple to navigate through the menus. With this charger we can plug many types of batteries like: LiPo / Li-ion / LiFe / LiHV / NiCd and NiMH. For Li types you have 4 different options:

  • Charge;
  • Balance – Charge;
  • Storage;
  • Discharge;

The current range for each channel is from 0.1A to 10A, off course the power should be always at the maximum 100W, so if you whant to charge a 3S battery the maximum current is:

P = V x I  (=)  I = P / V  (=)  I = 100 / 12.6 = 7.9A

So, maximum current for the 3 cells batteries is 7.9A, for a 6S pack we can charge at almost 4A. This numbers are vey good for the most common batteries at the moment.


I took some time testing this charger, and I have to say that it is very good. The exterior design is good it’s not something ugly to charge our batteries, it has AC power supply which is very very good to use it on the bench, but also have the capabiblity to charge on the field connecting it to a car battery. I always charge my batteries in balance mode and the cells, at the end, are very well balanced at 4.20V. One feature that I love on this charger is the capability to detect the number of cells that you plug on the balance lead, for example if I’m charging a 4 cell lipo and then change for a 3 cell lipo the configurations change on the charger to 3S.

Off course not everything is good, the fans start to work once I start to charge a battery, and they are very very loud, even if I’m charging a small 2S 400mAh at 1C the fan starts to cooling down and goes for the fastest speed, and only stop once I stop the charging. For a charger of this level and with such a great features, it should have a menu to measure the batteries like, voltage and resistance on each cell, you only can see the voltage if you are charging the battery, I think it should have a menu to see this values.

Overall this is a good charger and I made it my main charger and I’m very happy with it because it’s very reliable and can charge many batteries at the same time.

Link for this charger: EV-PEAK CQ3


Never leave your batteries charging without supervision, with any charger.