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Today I bring you one more review about another great product from Gemfan, after the review to Gemfan 2306 I had to test their own ESCs. So today I’ll talk about the Gemfan Maverick ESC 24A. I know this ESCs are not new on the market, but they deserve a true review.

Gemfan Maverick 8

The Unbox:

Like many other ESCs this come in a anti-static bag, but unlike many other ESCs they everything inside have great quality even the shrink tube included. So, the card paper show us some of the features of this ESCs and inside we get, the ESC, user manual in English, a piece of shrink tube, two Maverick stickers, two wires 18AWG with 60mm long for the power supply and one yellow wire much thinner and longer for signal. The wires are silicone protected, very resistent to the heat, we can solder and the wire protection doesn’t melt. Let’s see more about the ESC himself.


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The Product:

This where the first and the only ESCs from Gemfan until now. They are a 24A version and don’t have BLHELI or SimonK firmware, instead Gemfan developed their own firmware and their own GUI. This ESCs are capable of DSHOT600 and also feature a 32-bit MCU, the MOSFET used on them are the AON7418 can handle with 30V, but Gemfan label this ESCs with 2S to 4S maybe the other components can’t handle voltage this high, the maximum current this MOSFETs can handle is 46A at 25ºC  and 37A at 70ºC offcourse this are maximum values claimed by the manufacturer of the MOSFETs. This ESCs also have available one serial communication by the pads RX and TX as you can see on the photos below. With a resolution of 2048 to be very very responsive and also smooth. The size of the Maverick is: 25mm height, 13.7mm width and 4mm thick (with components).


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Starting by the first look, they are really nice, everything very well welded very clean, the size is equal good small enought for tiny builds but also plenty of power. I already did countless soldering and desoldering and the pads still look like new. I’m ok with proprietary frimware and not BLHELI as long as the Gemfan still releasing updates that’s ok for me, I’m sure that this ESCs are very very powerfull with a great MCU and also communications pads already available, Gemfan can upgrade their frimware because on the hardware side the work is done. I’ll show you below, one of my videos using this ESCs and I can say that they are very smooth with a really nice throttle response. The only complain I have is the tiny tiny pads to solder the signal wire. I made them my main ESCs, I really like them, and the combo with the Gemfan 2306 is awesome.

I want to thank Gemfan and special to Ke Cai for the opportunity to test this ESCs.

This is my video with this Gemfan Maverick 24A ESCs and Gemfan 2306 motors.

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