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For the first time I’ll bring to you something very special and something essencial on the FPV world, I’m talking about goggles. This is a subject that I wanted talk about along time ago. So I was fortunated to be able to test it and bring you this review. I’m talking about the new Eachine EV800D, a box goggles with many cool features like diversity and DVR. I tested it, I compared with other goggles, I watched the goggles inside and I’ll leave you my fair review, starting by the unbox, then I’ll talk about the features and I’ll give you my thoughts about it and also show some footage recorded with them. So let’s start!!


The Unbox:

EV800D arrived to me in a nice box, printed with some text appealing to the best features of the goggles, very well presented I ran right to the inside of the box. First, once opened I found a piece of foam protecting the goggles, with a cleaning cloth, the manual, and a transparent bag with the patch antenna and all necessary cables inside. The most important thing was hiding behind of all this stuff, the GOGGLESSSS, I felt right away that the plastic feels like rubber, very nice on touch. Inside the box I also found a omnidirectional antenna, a carry bag and the charger with US plug. This goggles came with cable for AV input and another one to charge the goggles with a 3S LiPo battery, very well thought. So that’s all you get in the box.

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The Product:

Now let me show you some of the key features:

  • 5 inch 800×480 screen;
  • Built-In 5.8GHz 40CH Diversity Receiver;
  • Built-In DVR;
  • Built-In 7.4V 1200mAh Battery;
  • Detachable screen;
  • 6mm Tripod Mount;

Some of this features are all what a pilot need, Diversity, DVR and nice screen. This headset has a really nice screen with good resolution, it shows really clear images. The manufacturer used the MST703-LF from MStar, this is a very capable processor, that supports NTSC and PAL video formats, the input resolution on this processor is up to 1280×1024, but the screen is only 800×480. This MST703 is also capable of brightness, contrast and saturation adjustment and has internal OSD, Eachine used this internal OSD to display the menu, the frequency receiving, the battery level and the RSSI.


Eachine used a really good and well known receiver on this goggles, I’m talking about two RX5808 PRO receivers letting the pilots use SMA Omni and Linear antennas for better reception. Plenty of channels to choose, up to 40 channels. We can choose to use diversity or use just one receiver, A or B, to change the band and channel we have two options, or change channel by channel and band by band or we can just use the auto search functionallity.

Another great feature is the built in OSD, it doesn’t introduce any kind of latency or drop frames, to record only need to have the Micro-SD card inserted on the goggles and do a long press on “REC/PIC” button, if we do a short press on this button we take a screen picture. On this goggles is easyer to know if it’s recording or not because Eachine added on the top right corner of the screen a red point that flashes if it’s recording.

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The built in 2S 1200mAh lipo is another feature of this goggles, the user doesn’t need to have an external battery and have wires running from the outside of the goggles. Eachine claim 2 hours working time but I never had for more than 1 hour.


If you need more time than the battery can offer, Eachine included a cable to plug the goggles to the balance lead of a 3S LiPo, this let us use the goggles much more time, because we can put the 3S battery on pocket and use the goggles during the charge period, on the top the goggles has a LED that shows the charge status, red for charging and green for charged. The plug to charge the built in battery is located on the left side of the goggles, on the right side, we find a 3,5mm jack for AV input and Audio output, so if you use an external receiver you will not be able to use the earphones connected to the goggles.

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Eachine introduced their vision of detachable screen to the market, and I have to say that this was already helpfull to me, if you recorded your flight and want to show to your friends, you only need to detach the lens from the screen, like you can see below, and everyone can watch your flight. This is also a good idea because you can use a tripod to attach them or just attach it to your radio transmitter using the 6mm tripod nut.

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About the confort of this goggles, I use prescribed glasses and I can’t use them with this goggles because they are very small, honestly I don’t felt the necessity to use my glasses. They feature a really nice lens, this lens is fixed you can’t adjust it. The not removable foam face pads are confortable, but the goggles don’t have foam on nose location and let the light came inside a lot of light. With all the weight on the front of the goggles they still to be very confortable and you can use it for a long period of time. With all the components like antennas, battery, straps they only weight 408gr which is good. The straps on this goggles are adjustable in three points, fitting everyone.


The conclusion:

I saw this nice goggles with interesting features, so I thought “Why not test it??”, I was surprised with the quality and functionallity of them, they have everything I need to fly my racer quads, first of all, they have a really nice video reception the point that made me use them even in official races, they also have DVR and are confortable. Honestly I’m thinking to remove the internal battery and use just the external one, this will remove most of the front weight and improve even more the comfort. The DVR works very well but the DVR menu is completely in Chinese I don’t know why they did this, because everything else is in English. If you buy this goggles and want to make some flights through places with metal or concrete I strongly advise you to use other antennas and not the included ones.

Overall I strongly recommend this goggles for those pilots who don’t want to spend much money and want something good, for me this goggles are one of the best box goggles style below 100$.

I leave here one of my flights recorded with the internal DVR and receivers. In this flight I used the MenaceRC antennas, one pagoda and one patch.

I want to thank Jason from Eachine, to made this review possible.

Link for the product: Eachine EV800D

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