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Today I bring something very different from what we are used too. Like you can see on the title I’ll talk about the FeiyuTech SPG gimbal. This is the top end smartphone gimbal from FeiyuTech. I’ll also show you the remote that can controll this gimbal at distance and the extension pole. I’ll divide this review in unbox, product description and conclusion where I’ll leave my comments and thoughts, at the end I’ll leave a video where you can see this gimbal in action. So let’s start.

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Gimbal Unbox:

On the unbox side this was one of the best unbox experience I ever had on one product of this kind, FeiyuTech really know how to present their products, inside of the nice looking and great feeling box we are presented with a pouch, a little box with the battery inside, USB cable, a 90 degree iphone plug, a warranty card and manual.

Inside of the pouch we have the gimbal and two pieces of foam to hold action cameras on it. This pouch is really nice, it’s not a hardbox to prevent big damage during a crash but prevent some scratches  and protect from the environment. Once I grab the gimbal I feel so much nice quality materials, all made of aluminium with a rubber grip for the hand. This was everything we get on the box as you can see on the photos below.

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Remote and Pole Unbox:

This gimbal arrived to me with the extension pole wich is included with the gimbal and also arrived the smart remote controller from FeiyuTech wich is not included and can be bought separately. The extension pole arrived inside a simple plastic bag without fancy box, but also with great quality materials like metal and also with a rubber grip. On the smart remote side it arrived inside a nice looking box where we find the manual in English, a USB cable and the remote himself. The USB Cable is exactly the same has the one that came with the gimbal, the remote is all black plastic with a blue strip nice looking but feels pretty cheap plastic.

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The Gimbal:

Like I said before, this gimbal is built with really nice quality materials all metal with rubber grip to hold the gimbal, we also can find rubber to hold the smartphone. Featuring 3 axis (Pan, Tilt and Roll) we have three brushless motors inside of metal houses. This gimbal also feature one batery Li-Ion 22650 with 3000mAh of capacity that can run this three motors for several hours and can be charged by USB, using power wall charger or a powerbank, this USB plug on the gimbal stay too dip inside the gimbal so not all USB cables can be plugged on it.


This splash proof gimbal feature a knob to extend the arm that hold the phone and balancing it reducing the motor effort on that axel and also can hold different sizes phones from the smallest to the biggest like Samsung Note 8.

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To controll all the motion, FeiyuTech tried to keep it simple offering one joystick, one function button, one shutter button and one trigger button. The joystick allow us to move the smartphone up/down and right/left, the function button allow us to turn on or off the gimbal and change between modes that I’ll talk later, the shutter button allow us to take a photo or start/stop the video recording, this three button are presented on the front of the gimbal. On the back we have the trigger button that was a surprise for me because this button is not detailed on instrutions manual not even in the official FeiyuTech website. So what does this button you ask, this button allow us to zoom in and zoom out our smartphone camera which is very helpfull during the video recording.

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To mount this gimbal we have three ways, two 1/4 threaded hole and another one bigger to mount on the Feiyu extension pole. One of the 1/4 threaded hole is located alongside with the trigger button on the back of the gimbal, the other one is located at the bottom like the other bigger thread for the extension pole. This gimbal allow us to mount it on many accessorys like tripod and everything that has 1/4 mounting screw.


Now that we already know everything about the hardware let’s talk about the Software. FeiyuTech developed the Feiyu ON app available for Android devices and IOS. This app is paired with the gimbal by Bluetooth protocol and allow us to controll the smartphone camera with the gimbal buttons, this app allow to record up to 1080p if your smartphone allow to record with more definition and you want to record with higher definition, you have to use the camera app that came with your phone, the gimbal will stabilize your videos and you can controll the motion of the smartphone but not the start/stop video recording, the photo button and also the trigger button.

With this gimbal you can record on the horizontal or on portrait mode, you can also record with the gimbal inverted to record videos in a lower position. Using the app you also have the ability to use the face tracking mode that follow your face, really helpfull for vlogging maintaining your face always framed on the video when you can’t see the smartphone screen. You can also perform great panorama shots with the panorama mode.

Using the app you can also configure the gimbal and also update the firmware once available. Here you can change the motor speed on each axel, motor dynamics, follow settings and joystick settings.

The Remote:

The remote controll like I said before is all plastic, has internal battery that can be charged also by USB, well done FeiyuTech. This remote feature the joystick, the function button and shutter button like we found on the gimbal. This buttons do exactly the same has the buttons on the gimbal, and is also paired to the gimbal by Bluetooth. This smart remote can be used with other gimbals from FeiyuTech.

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The Conclusion:

This is a great gimbal that improve much our videos looking more cinematographic, the knob to balance the smartphone is really helpfull for us don’t have to introduce weights like many other gimbals. All the components feel really good and powerfull due to the metal build, the splash proof is very important because at the moment many smartphones also are water or splash proof allowing us to keep recording during raining days. FeiyuTech claims 8 working hours, I don’t think that the battery can last so long but I absolutly sure that the real time should be very close to that value, I used it one full day, off course I turned it off some times, but the battery last all day, with a heavy use. During all my records I never felt that the gimbal lost his horizont keeping every time the stability of the smartphone.

My complaints to this gimbal are the absence of timelapse video capability, I think FeiyuTech should release an update allowing us to perform great timelapse videos. I also don’t advise you to buy the smart remote because is a bit useless for this gimbal, it can work with other Feiyu gimbals but with this one in particullar you only have the ability to connect the remote to the gimbal, if your smartphone app is not connected to the gimbal. Due to the limit of the Bluetooth to pair only one equipment at time, you can’t use the shutter button to start/stop video recording or take photos, on the smart remote.

I did a little video to show you the capabilities of this gimbal, hope you like it.

I want to thank to Amy from FeiyuTech for allow me to test this great gimbal and also to FeiyuTech for release such a great gimbal.

Link for the product: FeiyuTech SPG

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