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Took some time to bring you more motors since the last Gemfan 2306, but today I bring you the brand new Edge Racing R2308 2600kV from Sunnysky, this are the latest racing motors from this brand. Sunnysky already showed their value, their capability to produce great products always with good quality. This version is launched after the R2306 a more small and light version, this last version has a bigger stator so more torque to spin heavier props, also meaning more weight and more current consumption. Let’s see this R2308 in more detail.

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The Unbox:

Each motor came in a card box with a really nice Edge Racing logo printed. Inside, the motor is protected by a piece of foam and alongside we found a bag with the accessories. This is the bag more completed that I’ve ever seen, Sunnysky send all the needed screws, one M5 nut, several washers and C-clips in case if you need to open the motor for maintenance or repairing. The wires are long enough for any build. I have to say that this is absolutly the best looking motors I’ve ever seen, looks like a jewelry.

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The Product:

Sunnysky already proved their value on the brushless motor market with reliable and quality motors, they also have been launching even better motors always with the quality as before but more efficient and more powerfull. This R2308 version is not exception, they are very well balanced and big enough to deal with big and heavy propellers. No doubts that this motors inspire confidence to the pilot. They feature the standard M5 hollow shaft with clockwise and counter clockwise thread, holded to the bottom with a C-clip. This is a brand new version and at the moment only exist this 2600kV version. With good magnets and good bearings this motors rotate pretty smooth. On the top of the bell this R2308 are very opened to the environment, this help to cooling down the stator and magnets. The design of this motors is beyond every motor I’ve seen, they look really nice the color choice was very well choosed, it’s a bright motor.

The stator has 23mm diameter and 8mm height, providing really nice torque at low rpm thanks to the 8mm height stator and great speed provided by the 23mm diameter. The perfect match for those pilots who seek for torque and speed. Sunnysky advise to use them with 3S or 4S batteries, the copper wire has smaller section against the Armattan oomph or the LDPower FR2305, by other side means more coils in each section, meaning stronger polarization. Because it’s a big motor they weight 41g each, but they also can provide a big amount of thrust as you can see on the table below.

Thrust test 1

Thrust test 2

Thrust test 3

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I was very pleased once I’ve opened the box and saw this beautiful motor very well built, no doubts that this is a great motor, and couldn’t wait to build them on my favourite quadcopter. After flew them some batteries, I’ve made my personal opinion. First of all during the build I had to cut the wires to plug on the ESCs, but I’m pretty sure that they have enough wire lenght to fit in any 250mm frame or lower. At iddle speed they do a great sound, with such low noise some times we don’t know if they are working or not, associated with the measures of the stator, this motors didn’t disappoint at all. I felt pretty confident to fly with them, delivering the torque I need for freestyle you know that you can dive really hard that will punch you out very quickly, but they also deliver me the speed I need for some races. I already crashed with them and they didn’t bent at all, working so well that I made them on my daily motors.

The only flaws or points I didn’t like so much, is the fact that they are a bit heavy, but it’s the price to pay for a big motor plenty of power and the C-clip showd be substituted for a screw, that would help on maintenance process. The gap between the magnets and the stator is really tight with much less tha 1mm of gap. After a crash and some sand on the motor you just need to remove the bigger “rocks” and check if the bell spins without problems and you are ready to fly again. The accessories offered by the Sunnysky on the box is their way to show that the brand care about their clients, nice touch Sunnysky.

I know that you would like to see how do they perform, so I recorded a flight footage, so here is my flight with a Egodrift 5″ frame, Aikon 32bit ESCs 35A and a R-Line 4S 1300mAh 90C Lipo battery.

I want to thank to Ajel from Sunnysky for the opportunity to test this motors.

Official link for Sunnysky Edge Racing R2308 2600kV: Sunnysky R2308


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