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Today I’ll show you two great frames for your 3″ builds. This will not be a review, because latter I’ll build one of them and there I’ll do a proper review, with every detail about the frame. So, Flynoceros introduced to the market this two frames for 3″ builds. To show you, we have the Flynoceros Aether 3″ and the Cerberus Mini 3″. The Aether was developed with the speed in mind, although it weights more than the Cerberus Mini it has less resistance to the air, thanks to the thinner arms. The Cerberus Mini 3″ is a bit lighter but has wider arms. Let’s see more in detail this frames.

Flynoceros Aether 3″

The new Aether is one of the best looking frames on the market. Flynoceros sells this frame in several sizes, from 2″ to 8″, just missing 7″ size. The one I’ve got to show you, is the 3″ version weighting 45gr and can fit props between 3″ to 3.5″. The arms are 2.5mm thick and to mount them you have to sandwich them between two plates of carbon fiber 2mm, this will introduce much more strengthness to the arms, making this frame a very rigid one. All of this is fixed with 4 screws and 4 nuts. The roll cage is also made by two pieces of carbon fiber also with 2mm thick and separated by standoffs. The roll cage is softmounted into the bottom plate with two 3D printed pieces, this kind of mount is really clever because you can access really easy to the stack, for that you just have to unscrew two screws on the front or on the back and the all roll cage rotates forward or backward. I think that the 3D printed pieces can wear out a bit during the time, but you can always replace it and also choose the color you prefer.

I think that for build and maintenance is one of the best frames on the market, also the end of the arms where you mount the motors looks really cool. Flynoceros offer a great pallet of skins for you to customise your frame and have unique drones.

Something that for me is a let down and I think Flynoceros should improve is the ability to mount stack of 20.5mm x 20.5mm, because on such small frame like this and the 2″ version you only can mount stacks with 30.5mm x 30.5mm. Anyway keep the great job Flynoceros.

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Flynoceros Cerberus Mini 3″

This another frame is the same format as the one we reviewed before Cerberus Micro, but bigger. The Cerberus Mini is capable to handle 3″ props, it’s a unibody frame with arms and bottom plate in just one piece of carbon fiber with 2.5mm thickness. This frame has also a roll cage composed by two pieces of carbon fiber step aside one from another by three standoffs, the ideal distance to fit a micro FPV cameras. To remove the roll cage you just need to unscrew two screws on the back and it pops out, this is also great for the build and maintenance process.

This frame wheight 38gr and you can mount 13mm or 14mm motors, the distance between motors is 153mm, to build this frame you can only mount a 20.5mm x 20.5mm stack, although you have plenty room inside the roll cage. To costumize the frame you can buy skins from the Flynoceros store, also you can print the hood on the color you prefer, it’s possible to download the 3D drawings from Thingiverse.

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Every frame is sent in a plastic bag with a great amount of stickers and every accessorie you need to mount the frame.

In a few days I’ll publish a build of one of this frames with other great products from GEPRC and Airbot.

I want to thank to Flynoceros for the help me to bring this nice frames to the channel.

Official link for: Flynoceros Aether

Official link for: Cerberus Mini

To see more products please access also to our youtube channel at: RC Best Reviews